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Specialized Coaching Services

Individual Coaching is for those who want one on one individual coaching.

Group Coaching is for people participating in Wellness Coaching as a group.  This is most likely an organization, church or synagogue, or business.

Couples Coaching is for people who want Wellness Coaching as a couple.  This may be with a spouse, partner, or you may want to share a session with a friend.

"Being able to work with Barbara ..., I have found a great difference not only in myself, but friends and professional people have noticed a difference in me."

Roger W. Clark, Sr.,
Mt. Washington, Kentucky

Parent & Child Coaching is Wellness Coaching for the parent who wants to do coaching with their child.  Imagine how advantageous it would be to have a Wellness Coach working together with you and your child.  Imagine the closeness and bonding both of you will experience.   Look forward to one day hearing your child saying that he/she is so glad that they had a mom or dad who gave them the health advantage in life with Wellness Coaching.  See your child thrive in life from growing up with a parent who had good quality communication with them.  Start this tradition to be carried on to the next generation so your child has great communication skills with their own child and raises their child to be health conscious.  This is for the parent and child who are exploring new possibilities in their life.

Someone To Talk To is Wellness Coaching for the newly divorced, widowed, or separated.  Often in a marriage either the man or the woman is more social.  The more social partner brings the friends that they had before they got married into their social circle and those friends now become “their friends”.  A lot of times one partner does not have many friends of their own.  So what happens when they get divorced?  People usually side with the one who they originally were friends with.  That leaves one partner out.  Often with no one to talk to, except to the divorce attorney who is charging by the fifteen minutes.  All the emotions are surfacing – anger, hostility, fear, frustration, loneliness, sadness, and desperation.  Now more than ever they need someone to talk to.  They need to take care of themselves.  They need Wellness Coaching.