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Welcome to Wellness Coaching
with Barbara!

You are going to love, love, love having me as your Wellness Coach. What is Wellness Coaching anyway? It’s kind of like Life Coaching but focusing in the areas of health and wellness. It’s about coaching healthy behaviors. I provide an ongoing partnership designed to help my clients enhance the quality of their lives. We work on what ever is important to you. Guidance from me is provided in the areas of physical activity, nutrition, stress management, weight issues, sleep issues, finances, self esteem, unhealthy habits - just to name a few. Oh, and all the guys love to work on pampering. Every session we work on goal setting and time management.

Children and teenagers work on additional issues such as peer pressure, procrastination, hobbies, reading, studying/schoolwork, organization, and communication.

"Wellness coaching has helped me become aware of myself as a whole total person."

Harriett Waldman, Louisville, Kentucky

This is your special time to relax and focus 100% on yourself. My coaching clients look forward to our sessions, not only for what they accomplish, but also for the relaxation. You may come to our sessions stressed out, but that won’t last for long. Every single session starts out with a four to five minute stress management/relaxation meditation. This sets the tone for the session so you can be relaxed and together we can work on what is important to you. You are going to get so good at relaxing, that anytime that you feel stressed out, you will be able to duplicate our meditation and instantly be relaxed.

What Are The Benefits Of Wellness Coaching?

You will receive a multitude of benefits from working with me as your Wellness Coach.

  • You will make significant positive changes in your life.
  • You will choose what is important to you to work on.
  • You will learn how to instantly relax, where ever you are.
  • You will make better decisions and learn to rely on your own intuition.
  • You will set goals and reach them faster; you will manage your time better.
  • You will become more successful, both personally and professionally.

Who Is Wellness Coaching For?

  • Wellness Coaching is for those willing to make a commitment to improving the quality of their lives. 
  • Wellness Coaching is for those wanting an alternative to traditional therapy. 
  • Wellness Coaching is for those who want to focus on the present and future, not on the past. 
  • Wellness Coaching is for those who want to trust their own intuition and not have others tell them what to do, as we all have the answers inside ourselves.

If you want individual one on one coaching, if you want couples coaching, parent & child coaching, are newly divorced or widowed and need someone to talk to – then coaching with Barbara is for you.

Coaching is by phone so you can enjoy relaxing sessions in the comfort of your own home. Coaching will enable you to see your life improving and assist you in feeling the positive energy. If it sounds good to you to have a coach that is a good listener, that’s supportive of you, challenges you when needed, motivates and guides you, then coaching with Barbara is for you. This is a team effort. Make a commitment today to participate in coaching. I look forward to us working together.