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Raving Fans!

Barbara is a wonderful Wellness Coach. In working with her, I came to the realization that the benefits from her coaching go far beyond wellness. Her coaching encompasses and addresses other areas of life. Anyone who works with Barbara will find improvements in other areas of their life besides wellness. I would describe her not only as a wonderful Wellness Coach, but also a terrific Life Coach.

Ahron Katz – Dallas, Texas

I wanted to take the time to express how grateful I am for all your help! It is definitely wonderful to know there are still people like yourself willing to help others by pouring yourself into the success of others. Since you have been coaching me, I have seen a dramatic improvement in the area in which you are helping me. You have helped me without a doubt to be much more conscious about my health and I have achieved my goals so far thanks to your guidance and advice! There’s no words that can express enough how grateful I am and I definitely look forward to keeping on working with you and having you as my coach! Thanks again for investing your time and energy in my life.

Ivan Lopez – Houston, Texas

The relaxation meditation that Barbara does at the beginning of our sessions gave me the skills and confidence to do it on my own. I have trouble falling asleep at night and I pretty much duplicate what Barbara taught me to help me relax enough to fall asleep. Every night I have had to rely on Tylenol PM to get me to be able to sleep. Now after coaching with Barbara, I am completely off the Tylenol PM. I have replaced drugs with the breathing exercise and I fall right to sleep. Barbara’s coaching has been crutial to my life. I cannot thank her enough for what she has done for my life.

Joan Katilus – Hot Springs Village, Arkansas

My coaching sessions with Barbara are very interesting and thought provoking. I have done a lot of soul searching about the issues we talk about. It’s a great self- evaluation of where I am in my life and where I want to change. I love working with Barbara. The sessions are presented in a good manner. Barbara is very professional and sincere. The relaxation meditation that she starts the session out with is very relaxing and it sets the tone. Barbara is one of the few people that I have been able to be completely open and honest with. Before I started Wellness Coaching, I didn’t realize quite how out of balance my life was – this has been very eye opening.

Rick Mount – Columbia, Missouri

Having Barbara as my Wellness Coach has been the greatest support. The details that we went over in regard to my program that I started with had to do with weight issues that I have been trying to overcome, has been incredibly helpful to me. Barbara’s soft-spoken voice is so soothing as well as her bedside manner being great. We talk about every aspect in my life and it’s not very often that I can be so completely open and honest with someone. Barbara is very professional. She’s not critical or judgmental which makes me open up more and I feel that I can talk to her about anything.

Ruth Flesher – Wylie, Texas

After fighting with diabetic neuropathy, being physically disabled for 15 years and tackling with sugar diabetes, I realized that the changes that I previously tried to make myself did not work. When I started to work with Barbara, several things began to show a difference. My life previously consisted of drinking soft drinks. I hardly ever, if ever at all, drank water. My liquid consumption consisted of drinking coffee and soft drinks. Now I have completely stopped drinking coffee. I pretty much have completely stopped drinking soft drinks except on a rare occasion. I now am drinking 3 to 4 16.9 ounce bottles of water everyday, which has made a tremendous difference. I notice that I have much more energy. I have a lower sugar count than I have ever had before since I have eliminated soft drinks and instead am drinking water. I used to skip breakfast entirely. I didn’t think that eating breakfast was important. I also thought that by eliminating breakfast, it would help me lose weight. Barbara pointed out to me how important it was to eat breakfast everyday. I now do not ever skip breakfast. I eat three meals a day plus healthy snacks. I make sure that I have an apple everyday, as well as other fresh fruit and vegetables. I eat celery, lettuce, carrots, cauliflower, and broccoli, all of which are raw. In conversation with Barbara, I have found that it’s easier to plan my meals in advance and I have taken raw vegetables and fruit with me when I’m away from home. Barbara has suggested that I start writing in a journal. I have never had a journal before. Since I have started, I find that it helps me put my thoughts together. This is very new to me. I have found that the little writing that I have done so far has been very helpful. Best of all, I really enjoy the relaxation exercise that we do before each coaching session. I look forward to each session with the relaxation exercise. This does totally relax me. I put my whole self into it. As I have had several stressful times, I have remembered to use the relaxation exercise. I do it on my own and I am able to relax and not feel so stressed. Being able to work with Barbara with her coaching and her wellness program, I have found a great difference not only in myself, but friends and professional people have noticed a difference in me. I personally think that a personal program like this is very beneficial. It is easier to accomplish my goals with a coach. Working with Barbara as a coach has changed my life!

Roger W. Clark, Sr. – Mt. Washington, Kentucky

Sleep Deprived, has been my “middle name” for al least four years or more. I don’t work outside the home anymore, due to a couple of medical conditions. Therefore, I stayed up late until I felt tired. Even though I would go to bed tired, I would only sleep 3 ½ to 4 hours. Once awake, I found it very difficult to go back to sleep, most of the time I would just get up and start my day. I found it very difficult to go back to sleep, most of the time I would just get up and start my day. I didn’t have a regular sleep schedule, never really dawned on me to acquire one. I met Barbara Leynor through a contest that she was having, and she picked me as the monthly winner. We had a discussion of wellness problems that I have, sleep deprivation being the number one problem for me. Barbara gave me some pointers, such as developing a sleep pattern, which was two fold. Since I am a “Night Owl”, we picked a time that worked for me. Going to bed every night at the time that was chosen, was the first step. The second part of the time pattern was, to stop drinking liquids a couple of hours before my chosen bed time. I take allergy and decongestant pills, which dries my system. Therefore, I was always drinking water to combat the thirst. Barbara has been a blessing to me, by following her simple advice. I am now getting 5 to 5 ½ hours of sleep. The extra hour and ½ has made a difference during the day. I don’t feel as exhausted as I did before. Thank you Barbara, for helping me.

Cindy Merryman – Medford, Oregon

It has been very helpful to me to have Barbara as a coach. She has helped me on a regular basis with my goal that I’m working on which is to drink more water. I have increased the amount of water that I’m drinking due to the encouragement of Barbara. Prior to working with Barbara, I was adding artificial ingredients to my drinking water to make it taste better, and now I am able to drink pure water without the artificial ingredients. I add fresh lemon with my water. I know that Barbara is going to keep me accountable to this Most of my sessions with Barbara have been in the late evening, and we started our sessions with a relaxation meditation. I feel very relaxed from this. I am going to start playing a meditation CD myself.

Betty Davis – Boynton Beach, Florida

I had several coaching sessions with Barbara Leynor who is a wellness coach. Barbara and I initially discussed which area to work on. I talked about things that I had put off in my life, (procrastination). These were mostly health related appointments, which weren’t immediate concerns. As we talked, I gave my reasons for putting things off. We decided that we didn’t need to work on these since they weren’t in the pampering category, (this is the category I choose to work on). My assignment to pamper myself was to read my bible a few times a week. (I had neglected this for a long time – I had been praying, worshiping, and reading inspirational books, but I had been neglecting the bible reading part, which I enjoy). I did read my bible, (for my assignment), but what I found was that within two weeks, I had gone to the dentist, mad an appointment for a health screening, ordered a water filter for myself and others, etc. These were things I knew I needed to do but had put off for some time, (mostly due to lack of time and not having a strategy to fit them into my busy schedule). I think that after I had verbally expressed the procrastination areas, I subconsciously started thinking of creative ways to get things done, (since this was in my best interest). As I took care of some things, I was able to do more things. I think that time spent with a Wellness Coach is time well spent, since expressing our concerns verbally forces us to look at the reasons for our actions. We usually don’t examine the reasons for our action/inaction, and these are the things that hold us back from reaching the destiny God intends for us. God bless you Barbara, and keep up the good work!

Karl Wilson – Dallas, Texas

The relaxation meditation that Barbara does at the beginning of the sessions leaves me feeling completely relaxed, calm, unstressed and peaceful. I have experienced the wellness coaching to have helped me become aware of myself as a whole total person. Wellness coaching has helped me feel better about myself and I can’t think of anything more beneficial than that.

Harriett Waldman – Louisville, Kentucky

Since communicating with you and doing the wellness sessions, I have noted a remarkable change in my life. It has taken my to new levels of creativity and understanding. Thank you. I began at a low level on several areas and by following your savvy advice, I have completed projects that have been in the works for months – one that comes to mind is my painting. I had been working on this same painting for over a year, but could never seem to find the time to finish it. (I am a caregiver for my mother, who is 86 years old and suffered a stroke about 3 ½ years ago.) As time passed, I noticed I was feeling better and owe it to your wellness sessions! The aches and pains have disappeared and have been replaced with remarkable energy.

David V. Kimble – Ridgecrest, California

Wellness coaching with Barbara has been a great way for me to see what’s out of balance in my life and to work on creating balance. There’s a big benefit to having someone coach you to achieving balance in your life and to keep you accountable.

Neal Abramson – Dallas, Texas

I really enjoy the relaxation meditation that Barbara does at the beginning of the sessions. It is soothing mentally and physically. That experience transcends me to levels of comfort that I was never aware of. I now realize that when I am really relaxed, I am not impatient and my nerves are calmed. I find that the evenings that I have my sessions with Barbara are nights that I am able to sleep better.

Dan Aptekar – Plano, Texas

Thank you again for sharing with me your skills as a wellness coach. I was really impressed with your chart and analysis. I believe this is a tool that will help many people find balance in their lives. I highly recommend your program.

James Bisby – Dallas, Texas

I really enjoyed wellness coaching with Barbara. I felt comfortable with her style of presentation, which was easy to understand. Together we came up with solutions that were reachable goals and that’s so important to me. The opening breathing exercise was very relaxing. Barbara is definitely in her lane being a wellness coach.

Iva Hall – Dallas, Texas

I was very benefited by Barbara’s stand for my commitment to success in being healthy. I particularly appreciated her commitment to check in with me by phone to make sure I was following up on what I promised to do.

Stephen Levine – Garland, Texas

Wellness coaching really does help me out. Not only with health issues, but life issues as well. I recommend it to everyone.

Manjuel Robinson – Dallas, Texas

Barbara’s calmness underscores her attentiveness and focus towards helping me set and achieve attainable goals. Her pleasant demeanor and gentle persuasion are key factors in enabling me to realize my objectives.

Susan Blumka – Plano, Texas

Barbara’s coaching sessions are very thorough. I feel very comfortable and at ease. Barbara’s suggestions give me a creative approach to solving problems. Barbara is intuitive; she hits the nail right on the head of what I need.

Julie Howard – Mt. Vernon, Texas

Barbara is a great wellness coach; she’s a real natural. She’s so easy to talk to, I feel comfortable and am completely open with her. I recommend coaching with Barbara for anyone.

Laurrie Mason – Dallas, Texas

It's good to know where I'm doing well and where I can do better. It helps to know that the things that I'm conscious about or think about everyday are things that I don't need to worry too much about. The breathing exercises are very relaxing and easy to remember.

Jennifer Shaw - Plano, Texas